Donald Cerrone Just Tapped Evan Dunham Out in Glorious Fashion

You know, when Joe Rogan gave them each a checkmark in submissions in his keys to victory a lot of people were upset, it clearly meant that no one would score a submission as Joe Rogan’s word is law, but Donald Cerrone had plans of his own. The first round was a big round for Donald Cerrone as he dropped Evan Dunham, but Dunham is a super tough guy who refused to go out. The second round saw a bit closer action, that is, until Cerrone made magic happen.

Cerrone got the better of Dunham in the second round when it went to the ground, wrapping his legs around Dunham’s neck before Donald Cerrone was able to not only lock in the submission, but to get into a mount position which was ballgame.

GIF from ZProphet.[link]