Donald Cerrone Finishes Jim Miller in R2

What else is there to say about Donald Cerrone other than he’s incredible? Is he close to a title shot at Lightweight? I’m not sure, although you might be able to argue his case after four wins in a row, all by stoppage. Jim Miller came to the ring tonight game as always, but Donald Cerrone is a complete package in MMA; he’s deadly standing up and isn’t afraid to tussle on the ground, either. Tonight Jim Miller was in for a fight and a fight he got.

In round two Cerrone’s kicks were really starting to pick Miller apart before he landed a marvelous head kick on Miller, followed by a few punches for good measure that scored him the victory. That was Donald Cerrone’s third finish in 2014 thus far, which is a damned good year if you ask me. He didn’t care who he fought next because, well, he’s Donald Cerrone and that is kind of what he does. Well played, sir, well played.