Donald Cerrone Doesn’t Know Who His UFC on Fox 10 Opponent is

Donald Cerrone is a guy that seems to exist on the fringe of society but only really exists in said society because of his job, which happens to be one that puts him on television every few months as a UFC fighter. Last week a story got out that Donald Cerrone was “broke,” which caused the internet to start asking serious questions about MMA fighters and how they spend their money, but in this interview with Ariel Helwani the Cowboy clears that up, explaining that he outright owns everything he has right now; home, vehicles, etc. and that his bank account might not be overflowing, but it will once he fights.

When Helwani asks him about his fight with Adriano Martins he explains that he doesn’t even know who he is, but is down to fight anybody who is having trouble finding a fight. He also talks about his Fortune 500 sponsorships.