Donald Cerrone Charged with Assault in ‘Boat Rage’ Incident in Colorado

How have I never heard of the term “boat rage” before? It really is tremendous, is it not? The implication that there is life beyond road rage, like in a boat on a lake, that can somehow lead to misdemeanor assault charges is just, well, hilarious. Apparently Donald Cerrone has suffered from boat rage recently in Colorado, which led to him assaulting another boater and charges being pressed.

Cerrone fights next on August 28th against Rafael Dos Anjos at another UFC Fight Night event, but he’s definitely got some problems in Colorado.

Donald A. Cerrone, 30 years of age, has been charged with Third Degree Assault by a summons to court, and it is a Class One Misdemeanor. There is no warrant for him at this time. Mr. Cerrone and another person, Jeffrey S. Aley, were involved in a boating rage incident (similar to road rage but by use of boats) on Lake Granby. The incident escalated to the point where Mr Cerrone assaulted Mr. Aley. Mr. Aley was also charged with Reckless Operation of a boat and Reckless Endangerment, a Class Three Misdemeanor. The case is still ongoing, and has not been concluded in court.