Donald Cerrone is broke again

Every time one of his fights comes around, Donald Cerrone alludes to the fact that he’s broke. Now, he’s getting ready to fight and yet again, he’s broke. At east it seems like Cerrone being broke will lead to him being a better fighter? Odd.

“What really happened is I spent all my money, so I’m broke, and I only have one choice but to fight,” said Cerrone in an exclusive interview with as a guest on Majority Draw Radio.

“I text Joe [Silva] after my last fight and said, ‘I want a fight ASAP.’ He said, ‘How does January 25th sound?’ I said, ‘Great!’

“I’m just out of control,” explained Cerrone. “It’s hard to have money in the bank, want something, and not get it. I just [expletive] buy it. I have no idea what saving money is.”

“I’m coming hard. I’m back. I’m ready to make that [expletive] title run. I don’t know where I went. What happened was that I got real comfortable financially and kind of let off everything. I lost my fire.”