Dog the Bounty Hunter Might Have Already Found War Machine

Earlier today we reported that Dog the Bounty Hunter was planning on pursuing War Machine after the brutal beating that he laid on Christy Mack last week. It seemed kind of like a goofy publicity stunt from Dog the Bounty Hunter, because, really? C’mon. His son Leland was apparently very interested in MMA, so it makes sense that Dog knows about MMA and was interested in the story, but we thought it would just be a public image thing to latch onto the story that was in the news.

Apparently not. War Machine’s buddy, Troy “Rude Boy” Mandaloniz, took to Twitter to explain that he’s hearing that Dog the Bounty Hunter has actually FOUND War Machine already.

Where? Apparently somewhere in or near Canada? Or San Diego?

This is just a weird, weird story that we’ll revisit when we have more information. We do know that Dog the Bounty Hunter is a legitimate bail bondsman who does this for a living outside of on his television show.