Diego Sanchez Channels Axl Rose for UFC 171 Weigh-ins

Earlier today when talking about Diego Sanchez to some friends I made light of how Diego in the lead-up to UFC 171 was talking about how since he had a close fight with Gilbert Melendez, Melendez went on to get a big contract and a title shot, that means by proxy he’s a top guy in the Lightweight division. It’s precisely these sorts of delusions that have led Diego Sanchez to where he is today; a gatekeeper who refuses to accept that he’s a gatekeeper.

So imagine my surprise when Diego Sanchez’s latest walkout shirts from Torque are fashioned after the covers of Guns ‘N Roses’s classic albums Use Your Illusion I and II. I’ll preface this by saying that I’m a huge Guns ‘N Roses fan, to the point where I consider myself like a real Guns fan. I think that Chinese Democracy is an awesome album and as much as I love Appetite for Destruction, I recognize that Use Your Illusion II is the height of Guns’ (read: Axl’s) songwriting abilities. Tell me that there is a song out there today that sound anything like Breakdown, Civil War or Estranged. If you tell me that I’ll probably call you insane.

Because nobody writes songs like Axl Rose.

So no, people in Twitter, it wasn’t an actual Use Your Illusion II shirt, but it’s one fashioned to look like it, which I guess is kind of okay. I urge you to spend the next 10 minutes of your day listening to Estranged by Guns ‘N Roses to not only listen to a song that is complex in structure and theme, but to see the message at the end; Lose Your Illusions. It’s time, Diego. It’s time.