More Details Emerge on UFC’s Streaming Service

We all know that UFC will be launching a streaming service in January, but the details have been incredibly scarce other than the fact that it will exist and probably have a bunch of features. What we know is that UFC’s international events which would usually be seen as just additional events will be airing live on there so that international audiences can attend the events at a normal time, as opposed to early in the afternoon or mornings to fit US TV schedules.

Here is a list of what Marshall Zelaznik discussed on the MMA Hour, from BE. [source]

Not definite yet, but likely to be found at

Hulu and netflix have set the baseline for subscription services. While some come at as much as $15-$20, he expects the UFC to be at the lower end of that spectrum.

There are no plans to incorporate live PPV’s into the digital network

International fight nights will run live on the network, as well as other live content including from US shows.

Subscribers will get access to the entire Zuffa library (including Strikeforce, PrideFC, EliteXC, et al) eventually

Events will be uploaded as possible depending on rights clearances, though the international cards will be available immediately

Will only be available at launch in US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand with intentions to expand in the future

Possibility that TUF: Brazil 3 and other int’l TUF shows will air on the service, but not official yet

I don’t know, there are a lot of maybes in here for a service that launches next month. Why bother being so public about this if you don’t have the details hammered out yet? I think one of the biggest things that they seem to not be talking about is creating a widely-available app. Content is great, but content on a computer is kind of obnoxious. Imagine if Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc. didn’t have apps for what feels like every device known to man with a WiFi connection, would you really want to sit in front of your computer for that long?

I think that pricing and availability will really make or break this. Anything over $10 for this seems to be just too much, especially considering other entertainment platforms. What do you think?