Demetrious Johnson has a reason for the low UFC 174 numbers…

It’s the World Cup! That’s why UFC 174 presumably did 100K buys (or possibly fewer, or more). It’s hard to believe an event could do that poorly, but it did. All eyes are on the World Cup, of course, but is that really why the show did so poorly, or is it because there were simply no stars on the marquee?

Mighty Mouse says all of the right things to Sherdog below, but it doesn’t help the fact that a dominant champion can’t move the needle.

>”My job is to go out there and fight. Obviously I did the best I could to market and do promotion, I did a ton of interviews. At the end of the day we are competing with the World Cup, so there are also a lot of variables. It could have been a lack of luster with the card; maybe people just didn’t want to see it.”