Daniel Cormier will fight Gustaffson for the interim title

USAToday/Winslow Townson

Interesting. Cormier is making a good point here. Who knows how long it will take for Jon Jones to get the contract he wants/deserves, so in the meantime, why not have Gus and Cormier fight it out, right? I don’t know if it should be for the interim title, but the fact of the matter is that both of those guys are ready to go, right now. They could presumably fight in August in a light heavyweight extravaganza. But why should it be for the interim belt?

Cormier told SportWorldNews:

“I know this will probably be unpopular, but if [Jones] won’t sign, whether it be for money or a lack of wanting to fight the kid, I’ll fight Alexander Gustafsson. But it should be for the interim title.”

To recap: Gus vs. Cormier = yes. Interim title? Meh.