Daniel Cormier turned down fight against Gustafsson in Europe, here’s why

Daniel Cormier almost died making 211 in the Olympics, but he, for lack of a better phrase, is dead-set on making 205 for the next bought in his career, so now he’s maoving down in weight in earnest. Yesterday I showed you that he’ll be working with Mike DOlce to maintain a strict diet for that final cut. Supposedly, Cormier has been offered a fight, and it’s against Gustafsson… But:

“I have no problem fighting Alexander Gustafsson, not at all, the one thing I’m concerned about, being that its going to be my first time down at 205, I know that Gustafsson is going to fight in Europe somewhere. Whether it’s Sweden or somewhere else in Europe, I don’t want to be making my first weight cut down to 205 overseas. I know what I’m going to need, I want to find saunas here in the United States and all the food that I’m comfortable with in order to make the weight.”

That seems fair. I then, for one, call for a fight against Phil Davis. Make it happen, Dana!