Daniel Cormier Looking to Make 205lbs Before the End of 2013

Daniel Cormier has seen a good deal of success at Heavyweight for a guy who is undersized at that weight. That being said, he is still going to make the big move to 205lbs, the question has just been when. According to MMAWeekly, it looks like we could expect Cormier at Light Heavyweight before the year’s end, although he is still willing to take Heavyweight fights in the meantime.

I mean, it isn’t like he has been ducking bigger guys or anything at Heavyweight, right?

Cormier would make a really interesting addition to the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division, which outside of Jon Jones and a few other fighters has yet to really see an injection of elite-level talent over the years. It has been the same few fighters at the top, making Cormier a welcome addition.