Dana White’s Opinion of the GSP/Johny Hendricks Testing Thing Mirrors Most of Ours

Look, when it comes to all of this talk about VADA, WADA and Olympic testing in regards to the upcoming bout between Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks we all have to admit that it is downright ridiculous, right? I understand the desire to have more stringent testing done and to try to prove a point. In the case of Georges St. Pierre he’s been accused of being a possible PED user for a while now, if just for the fact that he is so incredibly talented and is on an incredible streak right now. Sometimes people can’t handle that.

On the other hand, there always seems to be some sort of controversy surrounding Georges St. Pierre fights. I mean, we all have lived through GSP Greasegate, just like we’ve lived through GSP’s Montreal Weigh-in Shenanigans against Nick Diaz. Maybe there is something to it, or maybe BJ Penn and Nick Diaz were just sore losers? All that I know is that Dana White seems to agree that this whole situation is ridiculous.

“I think it makes them both look stupid. These guys are going to get tested by the athletic commission,” White said on Thursday’s FOXSports Google Hangout.

“This is something that Georges St-Pierre wants to prove to everybody, because for years people have been saying (he’s on PEDs). When he fought B.J. (Penn), B.J. talked smack about him. Other people have talked stuff. The kid, not only is he another guy that’s been with us since day one, he’s never tested positive for anything even remotely close to anything bad. He’s never tested positive for anything. He’s always been a straight shooter and always professional, yet people keep talking smack about him. I just think it’s crazy for him to even do this.”