Dana White Welcomes Nick Diaz to Being a Promoter and Losing Money

Oh that Dana White, always speaking off the cuff and never afraid to speak his mind. Check out this video thanks to MiddleEasy where LayzieTheSavage is asking a barrage of questions before the inevitable Nick Diaz questions start popping up. Carlos Condit called out Nick Diaz recently, an answer to Nick and his fans’ endless stream of doubts and questions about Condit winning their last fight. Dana seems to be open to putting on that rematch if Diaz decides to be available and is not a retired fight promoter.

In that regards, he wishes Nick well in his attempt to promote MMA cards and welcomes him to the “losing money game.” Dana doesn’t seem to have problems with a UFC contracted fighter promoting events, as he talks about Tito Ortiz doing it for a while, but he still makes sure to make it abundantly clear that he’ll probably lose money.