Dana White on Weed and TRT: One is Legal, One is Not

The recent odyssey that was Jessica Eye’s failed drug test in Texas due to marijuana has once again led to discussion about the legalities of marijuana and everyone’s favorite wonderdrug; TRT. Dana White was asked about how heavy of an anchor TRT feels like for MMA, especially compared to something like marijuana which fighters test positive for but no one really seems to care about.

Dana White actually had a rather measured, thought out response to this. [source]

“It doesn’t feel like an anchor at all. Like I said, it’s legal, what are you going to do? Until it becomes illegal, it’s like the marijuana thing. It’s funny how people want to pick and choose. ‘Oh, he was over on marijuana, big deal.’ Marijuana is illegal. This shit (TRT) isn’t illegal. You can debate it all day long. It is what it is.”

What’s interesting is that individual states are starting to legalize marijuana in one form or another and some are looking to regulate TRT a lot heavier. Things could be very different in the near future.