Dana White Vlogs His Time Off, Plays Out Like Middle-Aged ‘Jackass’

It has to be tough to be the guy in charge of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC has been running so many events over the past few years that Dana’s Twitter call of “Fight Week!” has gotten to be a very common thing that fans have grown accustomed to. The media events, dealing with fighters and their camps, solving logistic problems, putting out fires, it is enough to age someone a year in the span of a week. So what does Dana White do when he gets time off?

Him and his friends head up to his home in Maine and make a vlog about it. The activities include ingesting the “hottest” hot sauce with Jack Daniels, firing off big guns, blowing up fake squirrels, riding motorcycles like Frank Mir and drinking milk right from the teat. It plays out like 8 minutes of MTV’s classic show “Jackass,” just with everything feeling a lot more middle-aged and there not being much chance for anyone going to the hospital with staples in their body.

According to White, this is what the fans wanted, another vlog, so here it is.