Dana White Tries to Calm Fans Over ‘Huge’ Women’s Announcement

Oh Dana White, he always likes to pooh-pooh on anyone’s excitement. Last week Joe Rogan talked about the UFC having some crazy announcement about the UFC Women’s Division and Ronda Rousey which has caused quite an uproar in the rumor mills. Dana White has been fielding a lot of questions; is it Cyborg? Is it Gina Carano? Is it Holly Holm? Well, Dana White is here to say that there is nothing to it. [source]

“There’s nothing there,” UFC President Dana White told reporters on Thursday.

“Joe Rogan said something on a radio station and it blew up from there. That’s it. I talked to Rogan and he apologized, and there’s nothing there.”

He also says that he’s meeting with Holly Holm this week, which is an interesting twist. Holly Holm shouldn’t be an immediate contender or anything, but she’d make a great addition to the UFC.