Dana White Thinks that Eddie Alvarez Should Fight for Bellator

In a way, this whole Eddie Alvarez and Bellator fiasco feels more like Dana White just messing with the competition with a young fighter’s career in the balance than him trying to really help that fighter out. In case you’ve forgotten, what is going on is Eddie Alvarez’s contract with Bellator expired and he was in talks with the UFC about joining. Bellator had the ability to match his UFC contract to get him to stay aboard, which has caused some problems.

This has resulted in some bad PR for Bellator as well as Alvarez being out of action for quite a while due to lawsuits involved in this ordeal. According to Dana White, he believes that Alvarez should just fight for Bellator and that Bellator should just match the contract that was offered to him and pay him what he’s worth.

“He should fight for [Bellator],” White said Monday. “First of all, they have every right – he signed a contract, and they have every right to him. But at least pay the kid the money. (That’s) the reason that you get that clause in your contract where you get out find out what you’re worth. You get to get out there and shop around and see what Eddie Alvarez is worth. Well, Eddie Alvarez found out what he’s worth, and they’ve refused to pay him that. It’s bulls—.”

I don’t know, that kind of seems like they are just messing with Bellator, right?