Dana White thinks Tate beating Rousey would be the second biggest upset ever

MMA is funny. Upsets turn into rivalries, and rivalries turn into series of matches. Anything can happen in a fight, or so the old adage goes, but sometimes, things go exactly as planned. Or better put, usually things go to plan. There are those wild upsets, however. Unforseen moments that can change the landscape of a sport for a long, long time. Serra/GSP was one of those fights, and maybe Rousey/Tate 2 is another?

Dana White went on FOX Sports Live and talked UFC 168:

“Even if Miesha Tate beats Ronda Rousey I would still have to say when Matt Serra beat Georges St-Pierre, that’s got to be the biggest upset ever in UFC history, it’s No. 2 for sure.”

I ask this question: If it’s such a big disparity in talents and spreads, then why is the fight even being made?