Dana White Thinks That Everyone Wants Vitor Belfort For MW Title

Vitor Belfort has had a pretty good year for an aging fighter who has had so many ups and downs over the past ten years of his career. That is crazy to think of, isn’t it? Vitor Belfort is one of those guys that has been around for a long time now and things are finally looking up for the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and Middleweight contender. After the year that he had, Dana White is willing to give Vitor Belfort the next shot at the Middleweight Championship, which of course we’ll know who that will be after this Saturday.

Why? Because Dana White thinks that is what you want to see. [source]

“On Saturday night, if Chris Weidman wins or Anderson Silva wins, the next massive, huge fight that everyone wants to see is Vitor Belfort,” White said. “That’s what everybody wants to see.”

So how about you, is this what you want to see, or do you feel like there are other fighters more deserving of a Middleweight title shot?