Dana White thinks the Diaz bros are a cautionary tale

The only thing that should be cautionary about the Diaz brothers is fighting for the UFC, I think. Clearly had they focused on boxing, they’d be millionaires right now and probably wouldn’t have half the scar tissue. Is that hyperbole? Maybe, but we all know that Nick and Nate are getting paid criminally low amounts of money to put on a show and be fan favorites every time they fight, while the powers that be line their pockets with gold bouillon.

Still, Dana doesn’t see it. He told MMA Junkie this:

This is one of those situations that is going to be a sad story in a few years when you look back on it, you’re going to say they were two talented kids that had fans and had interest in fighting and they sat out.

“What people don’t realize when you’re in the moment and your time is now, guys don’t realize until it’s over. You will never make that kind of money again for the rest of your life. You should fight as much as you can possibly fight, get as popular as you can ever get and make as much money as you possibly can.”