Dana White Sticking to the Story: Jon Jones Was Hacked

Earlier this week Jon Jones went on a crazy, homophobic rant against a seventeen year old Swedish fan on Instagram. It caused quite a bit of a stir, dividing fans who either believe that Jon Jones was hacked, or believe that the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is a terrible person. According to Dana White, Jon Jones was “clearly” hacked and would never do something like that. [source]

“He got hacked,” White told MMAjunkie. “Originally when I found out he was being hacked, I was like, ‘What, are we all going to say stupid stuff and then say we got hacked?’ But if you look at his timeline, first of all he rarely posts anything or responds with comments on Instagram – and he got hacked.”

“[The hackers] got in there and they changed his password,” White said. “Like 11 people had his password that surround him and we got that squashed and taken care of yesterday.”

What’s interesting to note is that 11 people had the password to Jon Jones’s Instagram account, which says a lot about how social media is handled by those with moderate fame and popularity. It’s not surprising one bit and should serve as a lesson to everyone to remember that you don’t always have a direct line to your favorite fighters. Still not sure why someone in his inner circle would choose such a way to make Jones look bad, it still doesn’t add up, but hey.