Dana White on How Roy Nelson Cost Him Money and Might Smell Bad

Well, I’m not really sure about the smelling bad part, but usually when you talk about somebody’s hygiene in a negative way, it usually comes back around to them not smelling that great. So I have to assume that is what is going on with Roy Nelson, so says Dana White. Then again, it could just be that Roy is a shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops kind of guy while sporting a mullet and a giant beard? Who really knows, these two have a weird relationship.

During Dana White’s usual media scrum he talked a bit about Roy Nelson, including how Nelson cost him money by not disclosing a previous contract he had and how he’s not the most hygienic fighter around, but still worth having on the roster.

You realize Roy came out of The Ultimate Fighter, and had a contract with another promoter and didn’t know it. Did you know that? I had to buy that other promoter out for Roy’s contract during The Ultimate Fighter, okay? That’s how smart Roy Nelson is, and I could go on for days, and as he starts asking me (the next) question I’ll probably think of four more things on how smart Roy Nelson is. Roy Nelson cost me a lot of money.

Roy Nelson might not be the smartest guy in the world, might not have the best hygiene, but he’s got an unbelievable chin, knockout power in both hands, great wrestling and unbelievable Jiu-Jitsu, and he’s in great shape right now, best shape I’ve ever seen him in.