Dana White Responds to Nate Diaz and #UFCDick

Nate Diaz doesn’t seem primed and ready to fight any time soon, but he has been on Twitter running down tonight’s main event of Donald Cerrone vs. Jim Miller, two guys that Diaz has beaten in the past. On Monday Diaz took to Twitter and talked about Cerrone and #UFCDick.

Dana White, of course, can’t just sit back and let this happen. He has to make a public comment or else he wouldn’t be Dana White. So here’s Dana White on Nate Diaz saying that Donald Cerrone sucks #UFCDick. [source]

“Nate can do whatever he wants to do. Nate can sit out and not suck any UFC whatever, for as long as he wants to. Who cares, he’s a grown man,” White said. “Sit out for as long as you want, sit out the rest of your career, it’s your decision. But to start making fun of guys who actually like to fight, and guys who go out there and put on unbelievable fights and people love to see him? (Cowboy) steps up and does what he does. People love Cowboy Cerrone.

“Nate wants to talk about making money, but there’s only one way to make money, and that’s fighting.”

#Professionalism all around.