Dana White Responds to Jon Jones RE: Matchmaking at 205

Jon Jones made it clear last week that he thought that the way in which the UFC was doling out shots at his Light Heavyweight Championship seemed like handing out candy on Halloween. It just seemed a bit too easy for some of these guys to get their shot at Jon Jones, especially after his arduous journey through, well, yeah, his argument does tend to have no leg to stand on. Anyway, this has forced Dana White’s hand, which means that Dana White responded to it and hasn’t done anything else, because that is what Dana White does; make statements to the press.

This statement to the press implied that he loves Jon Jones but that Jon Jones does not dictate what the UFC does, even though he was able to dictate that Gustafsson doesn’t get an immediate rematch. Are you confused yet? [link]

“Jon, I love you, you’re not a matchmaker,” White said. “Fight your fight, he’ll fight his fight, and don’t worry about it. When you talk like that it makes it sound like you’re worried about it.”