Dana White Nixes Nate Diaz vs. Matt Brown Talk

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Brown is in an enviable position, at least for the time being, as he is on quite an unbelievable winning streak. It doesn’t seem that the UFC is ready to give him a UFC Welterweight title show just yet, but the whole world is gunning for him. Among those gunning for Matt Brown is Nate Diaz, who has expressed his discontent with the UFC of late. Nate Diaz vs. Matt Brown would be a fun fight, but Nate Diaz has been fighting at 155lbs [again], so it doesn’t exactly make sense. Dana likes the idea of Nick Diaz vs. Matt Brown, though. [source]

“There’s no way in the world,” said White. “That fight has not been talked about. It’s not even close. We never even considered that fight.

“Nate Diaz did say he was interested in that fight, but that fight doesn’t make sense. He’s fighting at ’55. He’s lost two of his last three fights, and Brown is on this unbelievable roll. Brown is a welterweight and has been fighting there for a long time, and is deserved a top contender.

“Listen,” White added, “If Nick Diaz wants to come out and fight Brown, I’ll do that fight.”