Dana White loves Fabricio Werdum, this much is known

That’s a picture of Fabricio Werdum fighting Andre Arvloski way back in the day in the Octagon, just in case you forgot about the history Werdum has had in this sport. He’s been around for a long time, and he’s a crafty veteran, but over the last 2 years in his return to the UFC, he’s looked absolutely brilliant in the 8-sided cage, and has decimated all of his opponents with ease. Now, we find out that Werdum will be fighting the winner of Cain/JDS III.

Dana White splashed some love on top for good measure:

“Love Werdum, we just did a deal with him. I see a lot of good things happening for that guy in the future.”

”That guy is on his way to a title shot.”

“This might be the most important market in the world,” White said. “It’s on fire. It’s taking off. Brazil is on fire and not only is it that we are going to do 13 events next year and the market is booming, the best talent in the world is coming out of here. The great thing about us doing more fights here next year is more opportunity for Brazilians who will break through in the global market, not just the Brazilian market.”