Dana White Lashes Out at Media Over UFC Uniform Talk

I feel like the more that Dana White speaks in 2014 the more he is starting to sound like a madman. According to reports from the UFC 170 media scrum, Dana White was asked about the UFC fighter uniforms that he had discussed with the media. I’m phrasing it like that because fighter uniforms were first brought up by Dana White to the media as something that the UFC was planning on doing.

So when asked further about it, Dana White’s response? “Shut the fuck up.” [source]

“We have no uniform deal. We haven’t announced a uniform deal. We said it’s something that we’re looking into. There’s no fucking uniform deal. It’s unbelievable. We announced no uniform deal, there is no deal, but people are bitching about it. Shut the fuck up, everybody. When we get a deal done and I come out and announce it, lay out the rules and tell you how it goes, things like that, if that day ever comes, then we can bitch about things and argue about things. Money lost, money made … it’s fucking ridiculous. There is no deal and we’re talking about something that doesn’t even exist. It’s like a fucking hair salon.”