Dana White Knows That Georges St-Pierre Will Return to the UFC

Georges St-Pierre’s departure from the UFC was an interesting one, in fact, one of the most interesting quasi-departures that we’ve ever seen from the UFC. Georges St-Pierre gave up his championship to step down for a while, citing personal issues for the reason, then post-quasi-retirement was super critical of the UFC. It’s been an interesting state of affairs to see Georges St-Pierre and Dana White talk about the issue and seeming to be on entirely different planes of reality.

Dana White now feels that GSP will be back, no doubt in his mind, nothing to do with TRT, either. [source]

“That’s not why he’s gone,” White told reporters on Thursday. “He’s not gone because of TRT or any of that stuff. He’s gone because he had personal problems that he needed to deal with. A lot of that stuff got blown out of proportion. He’s gone because of the reason he sat down with me and Lorenzo that night and told us.”

“I know for a fact he will (return),” White said.

“Is it fun for Georges St-Pierre to be gone? I mean, no, I wouldn’t say that it’s fun for him to be gone. But the welterweight division is exciting right now, and when Georges does come back, whoever’s standing there, it will be a fun fight.”