Dana White Jokes About the Upcoming Bellator PPV

Bellator are making their big jump to PPV this weekend and, well, things aren’t looking that great with Eddie Alvarez having to pull out. Of course Dana White has something to say about the Bellator PPV and his words are, well, choice. He first mentions that Alvarez pulling out ruined the only “legitimate” fight on the card before going off about Bjorn Rebney, whom he lovingly refers to as “Bjork,” a reference to the musician. [source]

“It’s one of those things,” White said. “Those guys, I don’t care about those guys. I don’t see them as competition whatsoever. I see that Bjork (Bjorn Rebney) has been saying a lot of stupid s–t lately, he’s in the press. He’s screaming for attention. Screaming for attention. Talking about New York and the union and he’s going to… what the f–k has he done to do anything in New York? What has that guy done to raise the bar in mixed martial arts whatsoever? He’s done nothing. He’s done completely zero. Zilch.

“So good luck to him on their pay-per-view.”