Dana White is Okay With UFC Fight Night and TUF 18’s Ratings, Okay?

Oh Dana White, you angry, angry man, you. I guess if I were Dana White I’d be pretty upset about stuff as well, but I’m not Dana White, so I get to instead criticize him. That is how the game works. As we pointed out before, the UFC Fight Night card and the TUF 18 debut did some pretty awful numbers, but Dana White doesn’t feel that they are so awful, instead, a part of the ‘growth’ process.

We were #1 on all of cable with M18-34 and M18-49. We also beat the US Open and the Detroit vs Red Sox MLB game. This is all part of the building process. We’ve made a commitment to work with FOX to build this network.  If you look at all of the other networks we’ve ever been on we consistently pull strong ratings.  The first time we put our prelims on FX we pulled 880K viewers and it grew, depending on the fight, up to 1.9 million viewers for UFC 156. Also, the TUF season with Carwin and Big Country averaged 822K viewers then Jones vs Sonnen averaged 1.3 million viewers. We currently hold the top 4 most watched telecasts on FS1 since the network launched.  To be honest, our Prelim and Fight Night numbers weren’t bad considering we started on the west coast at 2pm in the afternoon on a Wednesday. The most important thing is last night’s fights were awesome and this season of TUF is great. Yes, we didn’t pull the 1 million + but we will. But, we also fucked up last night by not starting the main event later so that we could get a live lead into TUF. The bottom line is FOX couldn’t be happier with the UFC and the ratings we’re pulling. And we couldn’t be happier with the way we’ve been treated by the network.