Dana White Implies That the UFC Has Squashed PED Usage

Okay, so, Dana White sat down with Michelle Beadle on SportsNation to talk about a few topics and one of those topics that popped up was PED usage within the UFC. Dana White then said that PED usage within the UFC has been “cleaned up.” Dana White sources this clean-up with the fact that not only main events and random fighters being tested, but that everyone on the card gets tested.

Sure, that is great for public appearances, but Dana White is kind of talking out of his ass here. He says that it has been a long time since someone in the UFC has tested positive for PEDs with Denis Siver in the news for failing a drug test at UFC 168. Also take into account that you have the UFC Middleweight Champion saying that he thinks that everyone is on PEDs. I’m not quite sure that PEDs have been cleaned up, honestly.