Dana White Hyperbole Alert: Now Renan Barao Could Be P4P Best

Dana White is known for a man who loves to spend his time promoting the UFC at all costs, sometimes pushing so hard that it hurts. That is the case with Dana White proclaiming certain UFC fighters as the pound-for-pound best. Over the span of the past few years we’ve heard that GSP, Anderson Silva, Frankie Edgar, Jose Aldo and now Renan Barao are the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world.

Of course, Renan Barao needs to earn that spot by doing what? By defeating Urijah Faber. Part of my initial disdain for Frankie Edgar and his Lightweight title run was that Dana White quickly proclaimed Frankie as the P4P best and that his Boxing was the best in the sport, statements which didn’t really mirror reality, but that he repeated enough to where a lot of people simply took it as fact. So now Dana White has decided that another champion that needs to be bolstered up in the press is the next pound-for-pound great, how long will it take before this one catches?

Renan Barao is of course a tremendous fighter, but it’ll take a special kind of title reign to cement such a title. [source]