Dana White Hints at Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones Happening in 2013

We’ve heard this one before. When it comes to UFC Superfights it is difficult to really pin down what the appeal is outside of seeing two fighters from different divisions fight each other. While that really is an awesome thing, that usually means that one Champion will lose and still be a UFC Champion, which would make them and their entire division look kind of weak. That being said, UFC fans are still hungry for superfights.

We’ve seen BJ Penn vs. Georges St. Pierre happen before, then we were promised Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre, now it looks like Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones is the new hotness and what we will all collectively yearn for. Dana White in a recent interview discussed that if Anderson Silva gets by Chris Weidman this summer that it might be time to make that big Superfight between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones finally happen.

If they can make it happen it would be a pretty incredible fight, who would you guys pick to win it?