Dana White on Dan henderson’s contract: “We’ll talk.”

Just retire, Hendo. Please? You have nothing else to prove, you’re heading towards 44-years-old and it just doesn’t need to be this way. I can understand you wanting to go out on a win, and I’m sure this loss especially hurts as you’ve never been finished by strikes. So end it, Dan Henderson. Just stop, please? We don’t need more losses like your one to Vitor. It was ugly.

But you won’t, you’ll say you have a desire to continue fighting, and Dana White will be luke warm to the idea.

“Yeah, obviously we’ll get together, we’ll talk to him,” said White. “He’s on a three-fight losing streak right now. His age and everything else, I’ve got to talk to him and see. I knew Dan would want to fight again; he’s a fighter, that’s what he does. So, we’ll talk.”