Dana White Gave His Take on the Chael Sonnen Situation

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Chael Sonnen tested positive for four additional banned substances it was revealed over the weekend and was let go from his Fox Sports/UFC broadcasting jobs. He’s still technically a part of the UFC, which no one is talking about, but Chael Sonnen is done as being a guy on television. I think that it was a tough decision, but ultimately the one that had to be made in cutting Chael Sonnen from the broadcast team. [source]

“You know, its never easy making decisions like this,” White said. “You know, Chael is a person I personally care about, I know a lot of people at FOX care about him too. The guy had four banned substances in his system. Four banned substances in his system leading up to a fight here in Las Vegas.

“It’s a tough one,” White said. “It’s one of those hard decisions you gotta make. It was definitely a hard one. It was something we had to do.”