Dana White Flips Out Over Muhammad Ali Tweet

Muhammad Ali is a legend in the world of combat sports, without a doubt. Muhammad Ali was also involved in a legendary mixed-rules bout between himself and Japanese legend Antonio Inoki, which many consider to be the “first” MMA bout ever. It wasn’t, but it was probably the highest profile one to date. That being said, Muhammad Ali is in rough shape these days and his connection to the world of combat sports is tenuous at best.

Someone is clearly still in control of his Twitter account, though.

This tweet was sent to UFC head Dana White and apparently Dana is super excited about the tweet. Does Dana White think that Muhammad Ali sits around, laboriously crafting grammatically correct tweets with attached images in a way that a social media professional would? I don’t know, but according to this story by TMZ, he apparently does. TMZ caught up with Dana White in Arizona where he was in high spirits, he also seems to think that Muhammad Ali runs his own Twitter.

We’ll let him have his moment.