Dana White explains that he can’t make everybody watch every fight

We’re seeing falling ratings and an increased number of fight cards. Some people aren’t happy, others are pleased. What it comes down to, is that you can’t watch every fight now. You just can’t. And Dana White thinks that’s okay.

“So it’s my job to make everybody in the whole f—ing world watch a fight? It’s an impossible job is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Like Joe Rogan says, he’s the fastest fighter in the sport, and a lot of other great attributes. You’re either a fight fan and you want to watch this guy fight, or you don’t. There’s a certain amount of people that do, there’s a certain amount of people that don’t. We’re doing 50 fights a year.

“It did well, for a division they say that sucks.”.

“Demetrious will headline another pay-per-view, he’s the champion. He could fight on FOX, too. Cain Velasquez fought on FOX. Anybody could fight on FOX. Anybody could fight on pay-per-view.