Dana White Estimates the UFC is Worth Over $3.5billion

The UFC has been around for a while enough, enough for hundreds of events under the Zuffa era alone, all with Dana White at the public helm of the company. Dana White was interviewed by the Financial Times recently and the topic of the UFC’s net worth came up, where Dana White implied that the UFC could be worth well over $3.5 billion. Yes, you read that correctly. [source]

Using the oldest trick in the journalist’s book, I drop into the conversation a figure of $1bn, which was what the New York Times estimated the business was worth a couple of years ago. Is that number still correct?

White chews on a slab of mozzarella taken from his second starter and says nothing at all. Then he whispers, “$3.5bn. Some would say more.”

I ask how he reached that number and he replies, mysteriously, “We have numbers. You know what I mean?”