Dana White confirms that Wand hasn’t signed the fight contract against Chael

Well this is interesting. Hopefully no one backs out on this fight, because I’ve been waiting for Chael vs. Wand for about 2-3 years now. Ever since Wand confronted Chael in the back of his rental car for talking crap about Brazil. This feud is what MMA needs, and the last thing it needs is this fight disappearing. Lord only knows what would happen if this fight vaporized.

And yet, the fight contracts haven’t been signed. Dana chimes in on this at the 171 scrum.

“We’ll get it done, one of the things about Chael Sonnen, he’s a very good communicator,” said White when queried about TRT being a possible factor, indicating that he had not heard anything leading him to believe stopping TRT would force Sonnen out of the fight.

“So if Chael thought something was in jeopardy or something wasn’t gonna happen, he would let us know.”

“(Silva) is not balking at all. No, not even a little bit. Nope, it’s not over money either,” said White. “I can’t tell yah. It has to do with the show or I’d tell yah.”

“We can revisit this in a couple months (after the show is over).”