Dana White Comments on Biogenesis Scandal

If you haven’t heard about the Biogensis scandal, I recommend that you read up on it a bit. Biogenesis was a Florida-based company that was supplying PEDs to athletes across many major sports, with it mostly affecting the baseball word at the moment, but there has been word of MMA fighters being involved as well. No names have been released just yet, but chances are that very soon we’ll be hearing which fighters were involved with the company and that all hell might break loose for them.

Dana White hasn’t really spoken about it too much, but thanks to MMAJunkie, we know that White is aware of it and that it is a big headache for him at the moment, waiting for that hammer to drop.

“Obviously, it’s an athletic commission issue, but it’s just one of those things,” White said. “It’s just another f—king headache I don’t need.”

He did not say definitively if he would cut a UFC fighter who appears on the clinic’s client list, but said, “If a guy signs a contract with me and then comes out a list, it’s not going to be good. It’s going to suck.”