Dana White Has a Clear Mind on Richard Sherman Outburst

The media over the past few days has been filled — literally filled — with stories about Richard Sherman. There have been some inherent tones of racism mixed in as well, which has caused a lot of people to outwardly question why a guy on one of the biggest plays of his life isn’t allowed to talk what would be considered very minor trash without tons of backlash. Richard Sherman was just a dude who was excited and expressed his opinion. We usually don’t see Dana White being too clear-headed about stuff, but when it comes to this he’s spot on. [source]

“And as far as the Richard Sherman thing goes, that was awesome! The guy has probably been playing football since he was eight years old, dreamed about going to the Super Bowl and goes head-to-head against the guy who was trash talking him. And he pulls off, in my opinion, the best play of the game to send his team to the Super Bowl — that was a touchdown pass. He was fired up, got on TV and let everyone know about it. I wish the Patriots were that fired up that day.”