Dana White Claims That There is No Value in Bellator and They Wouldn’t Buy Them Out

When it comes to MMA, Dana White and the UFC always seem to find value in purchasing out the competition, but apparently he doesn’t see that value in Bellator, the UFC’s top competition right now. Bellator became the UFC’s top competition by just will of existing, basically, as the UFC has bought everyone else up in the meantime. The topic of if he’d ever consider buying Bellator came up and Dana seems to think that Bellator is kind of, well, a joke.

“There’s nothing there,” White told the media. “If you look at any other company we ended up buying in the past, there was value. There’s no value to that company whatsoever.”

“If you look at Pride, look at all the contracts we got from Pride, all the guys that came over,” he said. “Look at Pride’s library. Amazing library, with some of the most talented fighters of all times. When we bought (World Fighting Alliance), we bought it because Rampage had a contract with them. When we bought Strikeforce, we bought their library. Just the fights we had with Nick Diaz alone were worth buying that company.”