Dana White Claims Fight Pass Allows Them to Do International Markets ‘Right’

Dana White will rarely ever admit that anything done by the UFC is ever wrong, so take this moment and remember it. Cherish it, even. Dana White talked a bit about Fight Pass and the UFC’s new push to expand internationally and made mention that they had been doing it wrong before, treating those international markets like second class citizens by airing late at night. In a way, he is very right. They have been doing a lot of things wrong for the international markets, but for the US market and for following the sport, it’s still a lot of stuff to take in, right? [source]

“Now we’re going to localize it, and bring it in – you know, if you want to stay a fringe sport, go on at three o’clock in the morning or four o’clock in the morning on TV,” White said. “That’s how you stay a fringe sport. You go on primetime in their local area on the big networks, and that’s how you build a business, and that’s what we’re doing there.”

“When people talk about too many fights, yeah, maybe there’s too many fights for the Americans – not in Europe, not in Australia, not in a lot of these other countries that are starving for it.”