Dana White Breaks Silence on Will Chope

If you’ll remember back to a few weeks ago, you’ll remember that UFC fighter Will Chope was unceremoniously let go from the UFC on fight day due to BleacherReport drudging up some information about Chope’s past. Dana White and the UFC felt that they had no other choice but to let Will Chope go. The irony is that Chope and his ex now get along and have put the whole thing behind them. Dana White hasn’t really said much about the Chope situation, but now he’s ready to address it.

“We’re going to have situations where guys have some incidents,” White said. “It depends on how big your incident is. they’re not all going to be the same … it’s a case by case basis and it depends on how bad it is. His was pretty bad.”

Dana White also gives some insight as to why the company had to do what they did. [source]

“Believe me, if there is anyone on this planet into giving second chances and we all make mistakes, we’re all human beings … we will guys second chances, but first of all, we’ve got sponsorship partners, we have television partners, and the list goes on and on. As tolerant as I may be, some of our partners may not.”