Dana White Admits that UFC’s Biggest Payday Was $5 Million

So this weekend Floyd Mayweather is going to make a metric ton of money as he steps into the ring against Canelo Alvarez, which has kind of, once again, turned our attention to the amount of money that UFC fighters make. Is it a lot? Is it a little? During Dana White’s Google Hangout the other day the UFC’s biggest payday was brought into question, and while we didn’t find out who it belonged to, we found out what it was, and it isn’t bad.

We paid a guy $5 million for a fight before. We didn’t start making money until 2007. That was six years ago. So boxing’s been around for a 100 years, they’ve been doing big events since way back when. Pretty amazing what we have done in a short amount of time. I don’t think a lot of people look at that way and break it down for what it really is.