Dana White’s Latest UFC 167 Vlog Focuses on Fight for the Troops

I know that I’m probably alone with this, but when I think about the term “Fight for the Troops” the image that comes to mind is Queen Latifah on an episode of 30 Rock where she was a congresswoman who would go on long-winded rants just using buzzwords in an inspirational tone. To me that is just the image I conjure up for “Fight for the Troops,” but it is time to put that behind us as we prepare for UFC 167 this weekend and — oh wait, no, Dana White’s UFC 167 vlog is out, which takes place backstage at Fight for the Troops. Oh damn.

So yeah, if you want to see all of the backstage stuff from UFC Fight Night: Fight for the Troops 3 and see Dana sweat it out with his last minute hype up for UFC 167 this is the video for you, my friend.