Dan Henderson on training post-TRT

I see no problem with Dan Henderson on TRT. Why shouldn’t a man have normal testosterone? Should we have age divisions instead of weight divisons? It’s one thing to be a 22-year-old musclebound heavyweight who has “low testosterone,” or to see Vitor use it after testing positive for steroids multiple times, but this is Hendo. He hasn’t cheated before to our knowledge, he’s just an old guy. It’s like getting upset at a pitcher for getting Tommy John surgery or lasik or something. Steroids are the problem, not TRT. Ugh.

USA Today talked to Hendo:
“A lot of people think that because I was on TRT that it’s cheating in some way. I’m sure if you’re naive about it and ignorant about what it is, it seems that way because it’s testosterone. But I’m not abusing it. I’m just getting it in normal range of everyone else.”