Dan Henderson on track and isn’t worried about TRT for Cormier fight

Dan Henderson, one of the last of the old guard. How many fighters now will fight just about everyone worth fighting across 3 weight classes (4 if you include open weight), have won an old school UFC tournament and and have done the things Hendo has done. People say Randy Couture’s a legend, but his accomplishments don’t hold a candle to Hendo’s, they just don’t. I will take a win over Fedor over a win over Tim Sylvia any day of the week.

Now, Hendo is looking at another mountain to climb in Daniel Cormier. If he wins this, he’s in line to get the one belt he’s never held – a UFC championship. Hendo hopped on the Helwani Hour in a fit of alliteration:

“I was expecting to fight in July, but you know, just the way it happened for whatever reason they moved it up to May,” he said. “It’s the quickest road back to that title shot, and no matter who I fight to get that title shot I’m going to have to fight those top guys. And that’s what DC is, so I’m going to have to beat him anyway. Better while I’m still in shape than having to start all over and get in shape again.”

“Obviously that was my concern, just I want to make sure I don’t test positive because they changed the rules and put me in a fight so quick,” he said. “But everything’s running on track as far as [that] and they’re happy with the test results, so here we go.”

“You know, it’s not a huge thing but it’s just I was taking advice from my doctors to be healthier and I felt better using the supplemental TRT they gave me, but it is what it is,” he said. “I can’t change the rules. Unfortunately it went down this way instead of conquering the whole problem of all the drug problems, but yeah I think that they’re going to start trying to clean it up and have more random drug testing as well what I hear.”