Dan Hardy to Commentate UFC Fight Pass Events

UFC fighter Dan Hardy has had a tough break when it comes to his heart condition, but that doesn’t mean that Dan Hardy is down and out completely, as it looks like the UFC has found the perfect job for him; color commentator. With more and more events happening this year, some of which will air on UFC Fight Pass, there was a job opening for a color commentator and Dan Hardy made for a perfect fit.

Starting on March 8th we’ll hear Dan Hardy calling the shots alongside John Gooden. [source]

“It’s really the same stuff I’ve been doing for years as a fighter,” Hardy told MMAjunkie. “You watch the DVDs and you analyze the guys and discuss them with your teammates and coaches. I’m doing the same thing but discussing it with a co-commentator. Fortunately, he’s a UFC nerd as well, so we got on really well.”